Grampians Natural Disaster Research - Addressing the risk and resilience

Grampians Natural Disaster Research
Addressing the risk and resilience

Grampians Natural Disaster Research - Addressing the risk and resilience

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Understanding the 2011 Grampians Natural Disaster, addressing the risk and resilience Executive Summary


Grampians National Park and caused widespread regional flooding. This event had significant impacts on the environment and communities both in and surrounding the Park. The Northern Grampians Shire Council together with project partner organisations commissioned research into this event to better understand the impact of this natural disaster, with a specific focus on addressing risk and resilience. Co-funding for this project was secured via a grant from the Victorian Department of Justice (Natural Disaster Resilience Grant Scheme).
The overall aim of this study was to investigate the social, economic and environmental impacts of the 2011 landslides and floods in and around the Grampians National Park. Specific objectives included identifying the impacts of the natural disaster on communities within the region from a range of perspectives including residents, businesses, and from local and regional government and non-government agencies and providing recommendations on future emergency management for the region. This was achieved through a comprehensive post-assessment of the impacts of the 2011 events, and capturing information from across the community and from emergency services and infrastructure organisations involved in the response to, and recovery from, the Grampians natural disaster.
Although this research is focussed on the social, economic and environmental impacts of landslides, it quickly became apparent during the study that the community, including the local government and emergency service personnel, were unable to clearly distinguish the landslide impacts from those of the floods. Understandably, the two contemporaneous hazards were inextricably intertwined and it is impossible to determine the impacts of one from the other. Hence, the evaluation presented in this report inevitably includes the impacts of landslides and the simultaneous floods.


Alison Ollerenshaw, Dr Peter Dahlhaus, Kelsey McDonald, Assoc Prof Jerry Courvisanos, Dr Michelle Graymore, Dr Helen Thompson, Dr Helen Sheil, Anthony Miner, Jennifer Corbett.

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Publish Date 31st March 2014